Who We Are


Chisoma Lombe is the President and Creative Designer of chizÓ. Chisoma, a Chartered Accountant and Fellow with the ACCA, retired from a position of ‘Head of Finance’ to pursue her passion in Fashion and Design in June 2014. Chisoma says she is driven by her passion for exquisite style.

“My own life has been transformed; the evolution to get to this stage has been wonderful”. The African Union has appointed her to be the ‘Textile Ambassador to Zambia’. She believes that she is not just blessed but that she is blessed to be a blessing.  She worked in the NGO world for over 10 years and was naturally groomed to be an Activist; to be a voice to the voiceless.  She hopes to use the platform as a Designer to bring real developmental change to Africa.

What’s about to come in the future is what drives her to put in her best. For chizÓ, the future has just began. “In the next five years, I see the chizÓ brand without any limits; having achieved the vision it set out for itself; expand the vision to other territories by God’s help”.

A very affable person, Chisoma is determined to inspire young ladies to be all they can be. She has taken young ladies with potential and mentored them in her own way. “I believe people come across your path for a reason”.